Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012 in Photos

This is super late...but here is my 2012 in photos! I couldn't narrow it down to 10 photos/ I ended up with 12.

January: We had a huge snow/ice storm (huge for Washington standards). The ice was as thick as my thumb all over our yard. Was fun while it lasted, but it dis a lot of damage as well. We were without power for 14 hours and lost a lot of trees. 

Another one from January: I got a job! My first career-type job post college. I just hit one year at CCS, time has flown by!

This photo was taken in April, but it sums up January, February, March, and April. This was the first quilt I ever made. I spent several months on it. I gave it to Lauren (and Nick) at her Bridal shower. Her mom knew it was coming, but it was a total surprise to her and Nick. 

June: Lauren and Nick's Wedding! I was able to take a few days off this week and spend a lot of time with Lauren and her family leading up to the wedding. As you can see, she made a stunning bride!

July: London Olympics, 2012. I had a big opening ceremony party and made this cake for it. 

August: I had a great summer and spent loads of time outside with my friends. Here we are in Leavenworth, we went floating down the river in inner tubes. 

August: I said goodbye to my car of almost 5 years (left) and got a new car (right). I love the new car! (and that's my 18 year old kitty sauntering through the front of the photo)

August/September: I went back to Ireland for 10 days this summer! Anna (left) Jannelle (taking the photo), and her beautiful baby girl, Willow (right) went out for lunch right before I headed home. 

September: I was talked into doing Tough Mudder with some of my friends. It was tiring, dirty, cold, and painful. While I do have some funny memories from the day, I don't recommend that anyone try this. I was in pain for weeks afterward. 

October: My friend Sarah and I have known each other for about 16 years. I flew down to LA (where she lives) and she treated me to a Carrie Underwood concert that happened to fall on my birthday. We got to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Ray (pictured behind us) and we had a blast. Thanks for an unforgettable birthday!

November: Lauren and I went to see Wicked at the Paramount. I've never been to a musical before...I loved it!

December: My first Christmas in my own place. I had fun decorating my apartment and my very own little tree.

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