Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012 in Photos

This is super late...but here is my 2012 in photos! I couldn't narrow it down to 10 photos/ I ended up with 12.

January: We had a huge snow/ice storm (huge for Washington standards). The ice was as thick as my thumb all over our yard. Was fun while it lasted, but it dis a lot of damage as well. We were without power for 14 hours and lost a lot of trees. 

Another one from January: I got a job! My first career-type job post college. I just hit one year at CCS, time has flown by!

This photo was taken in April, but it sums up January, February, March, and April. This was the first quilt I ever made. I spent several months on it. I gave it to Lauren (and Nick) at her Bridal shower. Her mom knew it was coming, but it was a total surprise to her and Nick. 

June: Lauren and Nick's Wedding! I was able to take a few days off this week and spend a lot of time with Lauren and her family leading up to the wedding. As you can see, she made a stunning bride!

July: London Olympics, 2012. I had a big opening ceremony party and made this cake for it. 

August: I had a great summer and spent loads of time outside with my friends. Here we are in Leavenworth, we went floating down the river in inner tubes. 

August: I said goodbye to my car of almost 5 years (left) and got a new car (right). I love the new car! (and that's my 18 year old kitty sauntering through the front of the photo)

August/September: I went back to Ireland for 10 days this summer! Anna (left) Jannelle (taking the photo), and her beautiful baby girl, Willow (right) went out for lunch right before I headed home. 

September: I was talked into doing Tough Mudder with some of my friends. It was tiring, dirty, cold, and painful. While I do have some funny memories from the day, I don't recommend that anyone try this. I was in pain for weeks afterward. 

October: My friend Sarah and I have known each other for about 16 years. I flew down to LA (where she lives) and she treated me to a Carrie Underwood concert that happened to fall on my birthday. We got to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Ray (pictured behind us) and we had a blast. Thanks for an unforgettable birthday!

November: Lauren and I went to see Wicked at the Paramount. I've never been to a musical before...I loved it!

December: My first Christmas in my own place. I had fun decorating my apartment and my very own little tree.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy New Year! We're just about to watch the fireworks on the Space Needle. 

Thank you to all of you who read my blog and commented on all of my photos! It was a fun and challenging adventure to capture a moment from each of my days this year. I have decided to take a break this year and stop doing "Photo of the Day." Maybe I'll try it again next year.

Stay tuned for the second edition of my "Top 10" of the year...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

9-30: Almost there!!!

I found this red velvet cookie recipe on Pinterest. They are super easy to make and quite delicious. 

I found these little shelves on sale at Kohl's a while back. I finally got them all hung up and filled with little decorations. 

One of the Christmas decorations I made for my apartment.

My church had a Christmas banquet to say 'thanks' to all of the high school and junior high leaders. They had a photo booth at the banquet and Megan and I had some fun!

Leaders were given roses at the Christmas banquet. I got to enjoy them for a week :)

Gyro night! 

I sent a Christmas package to some special people in Ireland today.

My first party in my new apartment was a Christmas party. We had a great time!

My coworker came over for dinner tonight and she had some fun with my Rubik's cube.

The college/young adult group had a Christmas party tonight! Another fun photo booth.

Our first snow! We only got an inch or so.

I just bought this metal bathroom is finally fully decorated.

My cousin and I love the Big Bang Theory. This little song is from the show. My cousin gave me this awesome travel mug for Christmas.

I made these earring holders for some of my friends for Christmas.

Our annual Christmas cookie day!

Our stockings are all ready for Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning.

My parents gave me this ornament this year to celebrate my photo of the day adventure. (I'm almost done with the whole year!)

Lindsey was my small group leader when I was in high school. We all reunited for lunch today! It's been about 8 years since we've all been together.

I took all the ornaments off my tree today. There were so many that it covered my small couch.

All my Christmas stuff packed and ready to go back into storage for another year.

I was cooking and using power tools at the same time today...multi-tasking! (I got a knife magnet for Christmas and I was hanging it up in the kitchen today).

ONE MORE DAY!!! I can't believe I've been doing this for a year now. I am a little bummed that I messed up my numbering somewhere along the way...I should have 366 photos since this year was a leap year, but I messed up somewhere because I'm only at 365 (once I include tomorrow's photo). I haven't decided if I'm doing this again next year or not...we'll see.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


With moving in the last couple of weeks, I've been slacking on updating this. I'm still taking pictures though! I'm too close to finishing the year to give up now.

Made some more caramels today! I have to watch the thermometer very closely while I make them.

Happy Thanksgiving! My mom asked us to take a sibling picture...this is what she got! (we did take a nice one too).

My dad, sister, brother and I drove up into the mountains on black Friday. We drove until we got stuck, dug ourselves out, and did it a few more times. We had a great time!

My friend Alyssa is getting married! We had a bachelorette party for her tonight.

Moving day! My closet was a bit of a mess...but I got it nice and cleaned up (see photo below). I had quite the moving crew. So many friend and some of my family came out to help. We got it all done and most of my stuff unpacked in 6 hours! Thanks everyone for your help!

This is just one half of my awesome new walk-in closet!

I had Comcast hooked up today. This is the 'before' shot of the crazy mess of wires.

I had my first fire in my fire place today!

My friend Kaitlin came over tonight and we made invitations for our upcoming Christmas party. We're really looking forward to it!

Megan came over tonight and we made a couple of Christmas crafts (found on Pinterest). Here's one of's hanging on my front door.

I went down to my parents' house today...I grabbed this little guy while I was down there. I made him last year. He's now sitting on my fireplace.

I bought some frozen berries and I've been making smoothies for breakfast a lot lately.

I started wrapping some of my photos today to decorate for Christmas. The banner hanging on the mantle is the other craft that Megan and I made on our craft night.

Long story short: I ended up getting my tree today...had to load it on my car and bring it home all by myself. I did it! Got it up in the stand myself and everything.


My high school girls and I went to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue tonight! They had a great time.

(blurry ipod pic) This is my dessert at the Old Spaghetti Factory. A few friends and I went to dinner and then Christmas shopping tonight.

Kalyn (L) and Kristine (R) and I at our friends' wedding. These girls are awesome, and with my move, they are only 5 minutes away now!

It's fully decorated now!